An email Trish Jones in July 2010:-

"The club was founded in 2007 after Hugh and Betty Telford had the inspiration to find out if there were any others with an interest in bowling. The first gathering of interested bowlers took place in June of that year, 30 resident Brits attended and the club was formed. Hugh and Betty generously offered to finance the purchase of two carpets and bowling began.

The club has the use of Kergonan’s Sports Hall and usually meets twice each week, Thursday morning and Friday. The current membership consists of 21 British expats although we have had some interest from Brittany locals. Recently a group of French from nearby Plouay who are learning English came to visit.

Brittany is a large area and some of the original members had long distances to travel in order to play, so in 2008 a second Short Mat Club was established at St Gelven. There are plans to hold an inter-club competition later this year. Our Club President is June Taverner who had played bowls in Hinckley Leicestershire before moving to France with husband Greg in 2002.

June’s committee is working hard to advertise the club with the aim of providing a welcoming leisure facility for local French residents and visitors. Our singles champion Geraldine was until recently also the club’s first secretary who reluctantly had to relinquish the position for health reasons. Our present secretary Trish Jones had never played bowls before but now keeps us all in order especially with her observation of foot faults."

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