An email from Damien Allison in October 2007 gave news of the first Short Mat Bowls club in the Philipines. Damien said:-

"I am a lawn bowler based in the Philippines. I used to be very involved in the Philippine Lawn Bowls Association and was in fact its Secretary for their first 7 years (1997-2004). There are lawn bowls clubs in 3 cities in the Philippines and the Association is a member of the World Bowls Board, having participated in both the Menís and Ladies World Bowls in 2004. The Ladies will be playing in the 2008 World Bowls in New Zealand in January.

My involvement with bowls for the last two and a half years has been minimal as I now live in a city which does not have a green. I have managed, however, to get a couple of short mats to introduce the sport here in Cebu, where I am now living. I think that there is huge potential here and I think that we could even get a team together to represent the Philippines at the 2008 World Championships in Belgium in March next year."

Damien's contact email address is:- Damien Allison

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